Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

The practice of real estate law involves helping clients with the purchase or sale of real estate (residential or commercial).  We can help you close your transaction.

Real estate transactions often involved complex issues, such as leases, title issues, lien clearance, zoning issues, survey problems, pending litigation, etc.  Attorney Widman has been handling these exact issues for many years and will help make your transaction a smooth and rewarding experience.

Incidental issues include closings/settlement/escrow, title insurance, development, construction matters, easements, encroachments, subdivisions, condominiums, associations. Attorney Thomas Widman can assist with the preparation and/or review of documents, the closing, and anything else that the client may need.

Sellers and Buyers:

Buying a home can be an exciting period of your life.  Widman Law Office LLC understands that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the complex legal documents and other details.  We can help by preparing or reviewing your purchase agreement (contract), negotiating with other parties/attorneys, working with realtors/inspectors/surveyors, etc., reviewing the title search and/or the title insurance commitment, resolving title issues, reviewing your mortgage or other loan documents, and representing you at closing.

If unconventional financing is being considered, we can also assist with the preparation of land contracts.

We especially enjoy assisting parties who choose to sell/buy For Sale By Owner.

Landlords and Tenants:

Looking to rent?  We can help.  We can prepare lease/rental agreements, or simply review documents that have been prepared by others.

We are also able to assist with the prosecution or defense of eviction cases.

Real Estate Litigation:

Occasionally, litigation is necessary. Widman Law Office LLC can assist with any suit necessary to protect a client’s rights, including transaction disputes, disputes concerning fraud or failure disclose defects, boundary disputes, property line issues, quiet title litigation, partition cases, foreclosure or forfeiture of land contracts, foreclosure defense, as well as the submission or defense of title claims.


Attorney Widman has drafted the documents relating to the development of numerous condominiums in central Ohio.   These are very lengthy, complex documents.  They include declarations, bylaws, disclosure statements, the formation of non-profit condominium associations, etc. 

The creation of a condominium also requires a close relationship and good communication with a surveyor, an architect, contractors, and the staff at the courthouse responsible for ultimately reviewing/approving the condominium.  Widman Law Office LLC is eager to help.

Attorney Widman is able to assist with your large or small condominium project.

If you need legal help with any real estate issue or transaction, call today and rest assured knowing that Widman Law Office LLC is committed to protecting your interests.

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