Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense
  • Pre-Foreclosure Assistance
  • Loan Modification Assistance
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Short Sales
  • Deeds In Lieu of Foreclosure

Attorney Widman has handled thousands of foreclosure cases.  His experience and background gives him the unique ability to represent homeowners who have fallen behind with their monthly payments.

If you receive a Notice of Default/Breach Letter/Notice of Acceleration, contact an attorney immediately for assistance.  The faster you respond to these situations, the more options you have.  Do not ignore these notices/documents.

The firm can help homeowners communicate with their lenders/mortgage servicers by preparing and accumulating the necessary documents.  Additionally, the firm can help homeowners communicate with the applicable loss mitigation personnel at their lender/mortgage servicer.

Applications can be submitted for loan modifications, both “in-house” and governmental programs like HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program).  Qualifications for other funds like Restoring Stability/Save the Dream/Hardest Hit Funds can also be reviewed.

Occasionally, litigation is required.  In those situations, the firm will provide a vigorous defense. 

The firm will request discovery, demanding that the bank provide all of the documents relevant to the closing of the subject loan/mortgage, and the servicing of the loan thereafter.  When it comes to the defense of foreclosure cases, attention to detail is critical.  Defenses and weaknesses in the lender’s case are often found buried in the fine print. 

We will also ensure that important deadlines are met, and all hearings/mediations attended.

Attorney Widman is a licensed title insurance agent.  In the event a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure is negotiated, he is in a unique position to represent his clients in these situations.

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